Thursday, March 20, 2008

BioNova Awarded US Patent To Be Used in Natural Pools

BioNova has just been awarded a US Patent for a system and method for the biological purification of water. No other natural pool system design company has been awarded a US Patent on their purification systems. Rin Robyn Pools will be using this newly patented system for designs of natural pools.

The inventor of the patented system is Gerhard Brandlmeier, of Austria, founder of BioNova. Rainer Grafinger, of Munich, Germany, the current business leader of BioNova, has been assigned the rights to the patent. Natural pool designs are complex and the success of a design and implementation is dependent on the success of the biological purification of the water.

Building a natural pool is the equivalent of building a complete ecosystem. The delicate balance of water, plants, microorganisms and animals that keep this ecosystem in balance and keep the pool water clear and clean, is important to keep in equilibrium. The new BioNova patent assures that the proper design and technology to accomlish this is built into the BioNova natural pool.

BioNova Partners are delighted with the new patent and are looking forward to taking Mother Nature's Ancient Technology for purifying water into the 21st Century swimming pool!

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