Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

As the warm weather rapidly approaches, thoughts turn to outdoors and fun in the sun. Pool owners need to begin to prepare for their pool openings. A pool opening is similar to starting a car that has been sitting for 6 months through the winter - there are bound to problems - and lots of dirt and grime to clean!

Fortunately, with a little planning, common sense and automation, opening your pool can be quite easy and even fun! The first thing to do is to take a look at the winter cover. If there is water on it, you'll want to put a cover pump on it to get rid of the water. A dry cover is MUCH easier to clean than a wet one. Leaves and debris will actually blow off of a dry cover. A cover with water on it can be impossible to remove from the pool, without dropping all of the leaves, dirt and debris into the pool water. Just a few inches of water on a midsize pool cover can weigh a thousand pounds or more.

After the cover is removed, start the pool filtration system. Many are unique and it may be necessary to have a professional do this part of the pool opening. After the equipment is running, let the pool filter constantly for 24-48 hours. This will circulate the water and de-stratify any layers of chemistry that have formed from the water being stagnant all winter.

Next, bring a sample of your pool water into a professional pool store, that has a sophisticated water analysis computerized system. DO NOT JUST THROW SHOCK IN YOUR POOL!!! You may easily be wasting your money and might even be causing problems that will cost you even more to fix. We recommend a BioGuard Platinum Dealer to get the very best in technical analysis and prescribing chemicals for water balancing and treatment. We have been a BioGuard Dealer for over 30 years, and know how complete their programs are.

Follow your prescription to properly balance and treat your pool water. Brush and vacuum your pool, or have your automatic pool cleaner operate as much as possible. When your pool is clean, do a thorough cleaning of your filter by disassembling it and cleaning it.

Relax and enjoy your pool. And, feel free to contact us at for any questions that we can help you with!

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